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1. What is a Rivet Nut?

A Rivet Nut fastener is a tubular rivet with internal threads.  It can be installed in seconds form one side of the work. Once installed, no finishing work is required on the Rivet Nut fastener. The added benefit of not only being a dependable fastener, they are ready to use with clean threads available for screw attachments.

2. How does a Rivet Nut work?

A hand or power tool pull-up stud engages the threads of the Rivet Nut fastener and exerts a pull, causing the shank to expand tightly against the material being fastened.  This step is what is called "upsetting" the Rivet Nut fastener.

3. Where do you use Rivet Nut?

Everywhere a strong, easy-to-install blind fastener is required.  For over 60 years, automotive, metal fabrication, appliance, food equipment, machinery, electronic, transportation, aerospace and defense industries have used the quick, efficient Rivet Nut fastener to solve tough fastening problems.

4. Why use a Rivet Nut?

The one-piece blind Rivet Nut provides a nut plate and requires no finishing. The Rivet Nut fastener is made to exacting tolerances. Rivet Nut fasteners and installation tools are reliable total fastening system for every assembly or production line. There is a complete selection of types and materials.

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